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Our 12 minute presentation (done 5 times in a row) was about the use of instant messaging at the reference desk.

We started with the basics of IM, talked about why to use it (your students live on IM already), how we implemented it at Muskingum, some ideas for marketing the service (pens to all incoming Freshman which received kudos from Steve Cohen on Library Stuff) and challenges to implementation in an academic library. It has been talked about at a number of library conferences I have attended over the past couple of years.

If you already have a car lift installed, our skilled technicians specialize in comprehensive maintenance, modernization and repair services as well.

Whether it be for your home or commercial property, a car lift for cars is the perfect way to consolidate parking and maximize the use of your space.

I'm hopeful that more smaller colleges will give it a try.

We view IM as an additional communication channel to reach our students using a tool that they are already using a majority of the time.

We live in a world where knowledge keeps increasing at an alarming speed.

I don't think we'll be overwhelmed this Fall.One of the largest advantages of Accelerated learning is the gift of time.Implementing accelerated learning can help your organization save time and money, build a healthier work force, and enjoy a better ROI, both financially and operationally.Many people are losing their jobs, simply due to the fact that their knowledge and skills are outdated or done with technology.Though there are plenty of job opportunities out there, most people are not updating their skills fast enough to keep up with those jobs.

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