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I joined the Rocket League party a bit late, but boy am I glad I did. Then I saw a player take off from the middle of the map and slam the ball into my goal in midair. Without it, you won’t stand a chance against better than average players.

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The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) said more tests were being done to determine the type of meningococcal infection. I can’t review this game without talking about Rocket League’s quick chat system. This was about the last thing I expected when I fired up Rocket League. Mike Ault (sound design for Rocket League) does a great job with the whole soundtrack. Psyonix will add variants to the two existing maps this month with the Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC Pack. It’s DLC done right, and even AAA publishers are getting behind it (Destiny, Halo 5, Rainbow Six). Jump in Rocket League’s ranked playlists to see how you stack up against some of Rocket League’s best (and worst). ’ pop up quite a bit when you or the other team screws up. Fire up Spotify to listen to the entire soundtrack. That’s the only content you are paying for in Rocket League. Keep the community together and let players buy cosmetic items if they want. Rocket League might not win game of the year awards from critics, but it’s the game I’ve had the most fun with all year.The anxiety and suspense involved in staring as you see a friend is typing an instant message or facebook chat message but never seems to complete it. Unfortunately unlike actual blue balls, chat blue balls can not be relieved by jerking off.I briefly considered bringing a rolling suitcase so I could accommodate the entire packing list: running shoes, sandals, bug spray, sunscreen, multiple hot-weather tank tops plus a few fleece sweaters for cold nights, a Wonder Woman costume, a Woodstock costume, heart-shaped sunglasses.

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